A new home for innovation, creativity & hospitality.

A working canvas – the range of experiences it will enable for artists and audiences are as broad as imagination itself. Its purpose is to equip performers and artists with access to ever-evolving immersive technologies, facilitate unique collaborations and underwrite the risk inherent in trying something truly new.

 It began with a significant injection of philanthropic capital from its founders and aims to be self-sustainable in perpetuity. Revenue generated from the bars, restaurant and private events will be folded directly back into supporting artistic development and projects.
Light is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity designed to be a beacon for creativity while maintaining a focus on the wellbeing of its people. It is a space where creativity, technology and hospitality blend to create breathtaking, innovative experiences.

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Light’s vision is to provide a home for accessible excellence and innovation in creative expression, the arts, entertainment, hospitality and related technologies.

Our Principles

Take risks, experiment and actively seek to do things differently while supporting the ideals of creativity, diversity, inclusivity, community and self-sustainability.

Remain flexible and nimble allowing organic evolution through experience, ingenuity and technological development.

Always put people and in-person experiences first technology augments performance and experience, it is never the experience itself.

Provide artists with a canvas to innovate and experiment and a venue to showcase their work that is thoughtfully curated, not just a ‘venue for hire’.

Actively promote people’s wellbeing through acceptance and accessibility for all, alongside healthier work practices in hospitality and more consistent employment for artists.

Provide dining and artistic experiences that broaden minds and open pathways to the future of live entertainment.


Pixels in screens at The Lab


Estimated no. of performances per year


Estimated total build + infrastructure costs


Total floor space

300 SQM

Employees (and counting)


Founders contribution to date


LED Screens

350 sqm

Internet Speed Capacity