We exist to create opportunities for artists.

Light ADL is a social enterprise and the centre of immersive light and art. We create opportunities for artists through the support of our hospitality, events and immersive technologies.

Light ADL provides a space for innovation, creativity and hospitality and is home to a number of unique venues. Aurora, an award-winning restaurant led by Head Chef Sam Cooper, The Light Room, a three part bar, gallery and immersive studio, and The Lab, a multi-functional, multi-genre, immersive entertainment and events venue with 50sqm of LED screens.

Being a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, Light ADL is a human enterprise that focuses on maintaining an ethos of wellbeing for its people and collaborators. Profits generated from our restaurants, bars, events and immersive technologies are invested back to support artistic development and projects and has enabled us to create opportunities for over 700 artists and counting.  
Light ADL is committed to providing  accessible excellence in creative expression, arts, entertainment, hospitality and related technologies. Our goal is to become the premier location for immersive light and art experiences, with a high emphasis on being sustainable, authentic, innovative and excellent.

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philosophy & philanthropy

Pioneered by founders Nick and Sophie Dunstone, Light ADL began with a substantial philanthropic contribution and is strategically designed to sustain indefinitely through diverse revenue streams that include restaurants, bars, functions, events, virtual production, and cutting-edge immersive technologies. This enterprise was ignited by the disruptive forces of COVID and the consequent digital revolution, reinforcing the essential need and untapped potential in this realm.  

At the heart of Light ADL is our mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities and cultivate tailored training pathways for creatives to navigate the evolving landscape of arts and entertainment. As the venture evolves, we continually innovate to create wider opportunities for artists. We empower them with access to dynamic, evolving immersive technologies and facilitate one-of-a-kind collaborations. Furthermore, Light ADL stands at the forefront, shouldering the risks associated with trailblazing new territories in arts and entertainment, truly fostering an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive.

Quote from Co-Founder, Nick Dunstone:  
Sophie and I think the best way of contributing to the world is to do something we are both passionate about, but also that is audacious, and aims to be self-sustaining and creative – and as we know achieving perpetual self-sustainability is extremely challenging in the Arts.

LIGHT is a canvas for creativity and togetherness. We want to advance human connection by harnessing future technology to create infinite possibilities. Together, we can channel the magic of human chemistry for the digital world and transform artistic expression into breathtaking experiences.

As we work towards expanding our reach globally, we invite you to join us in championing this transformative platform, designed to empower and uplift diverse voices through accessible, innovative experiences. Together, we can create a lasting legacy that strengthens the cultural fabric of communities around the world and inspires the next generation of creative thinkers and

Enquire now to make a tax deductible donation to Light Cultural Foundation and join a group of donors that are connecting emerging, established and legendary artists and performers to new forms of creative expression.

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Our Principles

Take risks, experiment and actively seek to do things differently while supporting the ideals of creativity, diversity, inclusivity, community and self-sustainability.

Remain flexible and nimble allowing organic evolution through experience, ingenuity and technological development.

Always put people and in-person experiences first technology augments performance and experience, it is never the experience itself.

Provide artists with a canvas to innovate and experiment and a venue to showcase their work that is thoughtfully curated, not just a ‘venue for hire’.

Actively promote people’s wellbeing through acceptance and accessibility for all, alongside healthier work practices in hospitality and more consistent employment for artists.

Provide dining and artistic experiences that broaden minds and open pathways to the future of live entertainment.

Pixels in screens at The Lab


Estimated no. of performances per year


Estimated total build + infrastructure costs


Total floor space

300 SQM

Employees (and counting)


Founders contribution to date


LED Screens

350 sqm

Internet Speed Capacity