The Studio

Film / TV Production Studio. Open Source R&D Facility in Mixed Reality + Virtual Production. 150sqm of 2.6mm pitch Dicolor LED Screens stretching 4m high on 3 sides of a 20m wide room.

Coming in Q2 2021, the establishment of The Studio will mark the halfway point in Light’s quest to develop the future of live performance venues. LED Screen virtual production technology replaces green screens and is an efficient and effective way to create sets and backdrops for television or film, live streaming and digitally immersive experiences.

The Studio will be fitted out with 150 sqm of LED screens in a square/circle configuration; making it the ideal space for filmmakers, cinematographers and other creatives to begin utilising virtual production and mixed reality filming techniques within an accessible and supportive environment. The Studio will also allow Light to begin collaborative, open source R&D sprints that test how depth sensors, body tracking, AI, spatial audio and real-time interactive digital environments can combine to create performance experiences that have never been seen before.