Agile Mind Meditation - Tips with Amanda Goodfellow


Facilitated by Agile Mind, these 30-minute sessions are designed to provide balance in our busy lives. We caught up with Agile Mind founder Amanda Goodfellow who shared her top tips for mindfulness in the office.

1. Start calm - Before you turn on your computer or start your first task, take 2 full, deep belly breaths and exhale as slowly, smoothly and quietly as you can. This calms the nervous system.

2. Connect to your senses - Any of the senses provide a direct link to the present moment. For 10 seconds, notice the sounds around you, the light in the room, the sensations in your hands, fingers and toes, the taste in your mouth. Simply notice, without judgement or commentary. Do this often - it's only a few seconds.

3. Eat and drink with awareness - Instead of mindlessly shoveling food in your face whilst at your desk, firing off emails, or walking to the next meeting - create time just to eat, away from your desk, preferably outside. Notice the colours and textures of the food. You may even like to have a moment of gratitude - acknowledging the people and processes that brought this food to you.

4. Body Check - We often hold a lot of tension in our body unconsciously. Do a quick scan to check. Is my jaw clenched? Are my shoulders raised? Is my brow furrowed? And then as you breathe out, letting any holding or tension soften and relax. You may need to check back in many times as the tension has a funny way of creeping back in over time. Get up and move often.

5. Nature calls - As humans, we have become disconnected from nature which has a calming effect on us. At least once a day, go outside and look at the sky, watch the ants scurry on the ground beneath you, look closely at the trees and plants in your vicinity, sit on the ground if you can. It may only be for 2 minutes, but it will have a calming effect on your mind and body.

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