Anne Wiberg, Artistic Director at Light


Find out what Anne has in store for audiences and the inspiration that makes one of Australia's most respected music minds tick.

How would you describe your role as head of programming at The Lab?

Programming for The Lab is a dream come true for a number of reasons. It’s such a creative role where I get to work with an incredible network of talented people. I am constantly discovering new talent and collaborating to create ‘dream’ projects.

What is your vision for The Lab?

The Lab to be a place where audiences and artists feel that they are given an opportunity to experience something new. I’m passionate about making sure that we provide a venue that is welcoming and professionally run and has excellent technical support and equipment. The Lab is a destination for discovery where people meet with friends to experience fabulous hospitality and see diverse art performances.

Do you have a favourite moment from the gigs The Lab has already hosted?

All of The Lab shows have highlighted to me how flexible the venue is with presenting music, theatre, dance, digital art and more. The 50 square metres of LED screens that we have in the venue really enhance your experience with live performances. It’s hard to pick a highlight, but the launch weekend made me quite emotional as I realised that we were doing something unique and with so much potential. I can’t wait for the next show.

How do you curate such a diverse program of talent?

My brain is bursting with ideas and I have fabulous people around me with other incredible ideas.  I think the key is to be open to new ideas and be brave to explore and take risks. We want to encourage and provide opportunity for emerging artists. We encourage artists to use the LED screens in their shows and as this is often a new process for artists, we are pairing musicians and digital content creators. The results have been amazing and new partnerships have been formed already.

How can audiences truly immerse themselves in The Lab?

Just come and see a show. Most of our shows run for an hour.  We encourage people to book a ticket to something you have never heard of before and be open minded to what you might see and hear.

How does The Lab fit into the future of live music in South Australia?

I am hoping that The Lab will offer artists a performance space that gives them a chance to explore a new way to present their art.  I am also keen to see The Lab become a part of a touring circuit for acts who normally skip Adelaide because of a lack of suitable venue for digital immersive performances.

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