Dolly Diamond Q&A


Q1: What can audiences expect from your Lab show?

They need to be ready to laugh, it’s always my aim to make ‘em laugh. I absolutely love going out into the audience and meeting people and I love the slight smell of fear. Rest assured though, I’m very gentle (at first)


Q2: What do you love about Adelaide?

Adelaide absolutely comes alive when there’s a festival on and that’s normally when I’m in town. I always feel that the audience is happy to go along with the performer as long as they’re good. I’m happy to work for my applause, if they’re happy to give it.


Q3: Are you planning on seeing any other shows as part of Adelaide Cabaret Fest?

To be honest I wasn’t expecting to be here at all, but you can bet your life I will be seeing other shows. I’m a festival slut and always try to support the other artists.


Q5: What would you tell people who have never seen Dolly inaction?

Don’t think too hard.

You probably won’t learn anything.

You will laugh and with any luck, you’ll come again and again.