Little Mission Q&A


Little Mission is focused on bringing a sustainable food experience to the Light Square precinct. Fresh from her daily produce run at the Adelaide Central Market, Little Mission Manager, Elli Jansen shed some light on the inspiration behind the west’s newest local.

Q1: What is the ‘mission’ behind Little Mission?

Little Mission is passionate about affordable local quality artisan produce. We want our produce to stand-out and provide memorable food experiences.

We exist for and thrive on our community. We’ve worked hard to create an inclusive and inviting space where everyone feels welcome. We are proud to be establishing ourselves as a vibrant member of the Light Square precinct.

Q2: Little Mission exists for its community, tell me how are you building that community?

It’s the sourcing of local ingredients that is so important. People want to discover what is available in their local community. This is very much central to our story.

We also are passionate about our philanthropic footprint. We have been donating end of the day leftover food to the  Housing Choices. Although we aim to not have any leftovers or wastage, feeding those less fortunate in our community is part of our social responsibility.

Q3: Tell me about the new menu?

The menu is based on quality local ingredients where possible and boast names like Ellis Butchers from McLaren Vale, Feather & Peck eggs, Skala Bakery, Abbotts and Kinney, Fleurieu Milk, Squatters Arms collective, Brewed by Belinda Tea's.

We are proud of this menu and believe it has exciting, affordable, and healthy options for our community. We also can’t wait for people to experience our sweet nectar desserts that are vegan, gluten and refined sugar free.

Q4: How are ingredients for Little Mission sourced?

Much of our local produce is sourced on our daily bike ride to the Adelaide Central Market. We are fortunate to have the best produce market in the southern hemisphere on our doorstep. Every day we take great pride in sourcing the ingredients that make Little Mission so special.

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