Sharon Grigoryan Q&A


We interviewed Sharon Grigoryan ahead of her show in The Lab. One of Australia’s most respected duos, Slava & Sharon Grigoryan will grace The Lab next week for a debut that will be a welcome return to music for Sharon.

How is life after leaving the ASQ?

It’s very liberating. It’s been around four months since my last performance with the ASQ. It’s taken me that long to slow down and relax. Being in the ASQ was such a stimulating, challenging, and rewarding job, but also a job that demanded priority over everything else, nearly all of the time. I’m loving having the headspace to think about what ventures I want to do in the future, as well as playing different types of music and collaborations other than string quartet playing. It’s also such a luxury to me to be able to have this much time with my family and friends. My life feels wonderfully balanced. A lot of this is thanks to my time with the ASQ, as it’s opened up doors in my career that otherwise would never have been there. I also learnt so much as a musician and player thanks to my time with the ASQ.

You and Slava are launching The Lab’s Classical Wednesday’s. What can audiences expect?

A very immersive experience. It’s a small room, and the visual artwork that is there is displayed in partnership with the music. It’s quite the visual and aural smorgasbord!

This an intimate gig in a new space. What excites you about this show?

Any performance in a new space is exciting. As a performer, you don’t know quite what to expect. Slava and I won’t know what the feeling is in the room until we start playing to the audience, and we’re really looking forward to being inspired by the visual art around us whilst we play. Any performance in a small space is particularly rewarding. The closer to the audience the performer is, the more immediate and visceral the communication is with them.

What’s it like being able to focus on performing with Slava?

We can’t believe how lucky we are that we are both partners in life and in music! Coming from the previous seven years where both of us were touring heavily, separate from each other, it’s just wonderful to finally spend some proper time on our duo, building up repertoire, and having the time to rehearse so whatever performances we do have don’t feel like they’re slapped together at the last minute. It’s very enriching.

You can grab tickets for Sharon & Slava here.