Slowmango & The Bait Fridge Q&A


A chaos of raw action, colour, costume and community creates the nucleus for the ever transforming realm of The Bait Fridge. The manipulators of this wet, hyper-colourful landscape are bound to no laws except visual, sonic and social evolution. Ahead of the show we caught up with Slowmango’s Adrian Schmidt Mumm to talk The Lab and what makes the Bait Fridge collaboration so special.

Q1: What can audiences expect from your return show to The Lab?

Over the course of the residency, we will be exploring various themes for each show, from utopian-style cruise ships to a Bait Fridge style apocalypse (The Baitpocalypse). Audiences can expect to be transported to these various worlds and probably have their mind fried a little bit, but in a good way. We've been developing various skits, costumes, and art works to suit each theme, like a laughing choir, a confusing auction/raffle and interactive art works.  The first one in May is a loose 'reprise' of our last show in February, but with some tweaks. A lot of people were bummed that they missed the last one, so we thought we'd give them the opportunity to see it, while still being fresh enough for people who did see it!

Q2: Tell me about what makes the Bait Fridge collaboration so special?

The Slowmango x Bait Fridge collaboration is special because it goes beyond a traditional live music concert, by incorporating all these visual/performative elements and involving the audience in the madness. Slowmango was in many ways born from the Bait Fridge and we've been collaborating for close to 6 years. We used to play completely improvised sets to accompany the Bait Fridge's performances and decided to one day write some songs down and develop a set. While Slowmango have been performing as an independent unit for the past 2 years or so, this collaboration is really us coming full circle and teaming up again but in a (slightly) more refined way.

Q3: What has The Lab residency meant for you as an artist?

It provides the perfect opportunity for us to experiment and develop our shows and conceptualise a performance beyond a stand-alone event. The Lab is the ideal space for our group as it allows us to delve into the various parts of our multi-disciplinary practice and create fully immersive shows with visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and even gustatory elements! It's amazing to be given an opportunity where this experimentation is actively encouraged and with the mind-blowing level of tech available. It also provides the perfect platform to collaborate with other artists/musicians, something which is at the core of our practice. We're very excited and very grateful.

Q4: Any exciting projects on the horizon?

Yeah, lots coming up! We're doing 2-week residency with the local community of Gunbalanya, Arnhem Land in July to develop art/music works; a big parade through the Adelaide CBD for Umbrella Festival; collaborations with the SA Tourism Commission; plenty of gigs, both local and interstate; and a couple things we can't announce just yet.

You can see Slowmango & The Bait Fridge on the 29th of May