Zac Eichner and Kate Cooper Q & A


Q1: Zac, What does The Burner mean to you and how are you curating the acts?

 I love The Burner. There's so many hidden and underappreciated musicians and artists floating through Adelaide. It's nice to see them in the spotlight, and watching them grow with the powerhouses of Adelaide all in one space. Regardless of your 'success', however you may define it, The Burner can still offer you one thing or another and I think that's really incredible.  


Q2: Zac, how has The Burner been evolving and has it brought many surprises?


The Burner is evolving by providing a space for artists to use technology to its full capacity. Whether it's a jam session in-the-round, a string quartet or an acoustic act, it's evolving into a creative hub for Adelaide. From the artist-first approach to the state-of-the-art set up, it's a surprise in itself. The incredible talent and diversity that we have in Adelaide is unbelievable...


Q3: Kate, The Lab is about supporting new talent. How does The Burner showcase new acts?


The Burner allows artists from all genres, all calibres to experiment and collaborate. There aren't many venues in Adelaide really allowing artists to jump up on stage and just see what happens.

We love this concept, watching artists trial and error new sounds and new songs for the first time, yet in front of an audience. Its also a very accessible night.  Most shows are between $5-$15 which is perfect for the newer, upcoming artists.


Q4: Kate, Tell me about the next shows within The Burner series and what can audiences expect?


This week we have 3 female musicians all performing solo with some dreamy pop tunes. Not only are we featuring Katie Pomery, Effie & Ella Ion we are promoting a relaxing, dreamy vibe with rainforest visuals, shooting stars & clouds potting. This Thursday should be beyond magical.


Next week we have 'We Move Like Giants' with Local MC Sacredd. We Move Like Giants is a collaboration group between noted ARIA Award Winning producers/musicians SIXFOUR (A.B. Original, Hilltop Hoods, Caiti Baker) alongside Daydream Fever and Luke Carlino in a meeting of the minds. All emerging out of the Adelaide and Melbourne music scenes and enjoying numerous successes in their own individual lanes, this collaboration combines each individual's talents and broad musical tastes for something truly unique and unpredictable. They will be unveiling some never-before-heard material Thursday with us at The Lab.


Within the next month we also will feature Django Rowe with Gymkhana, a new group that blends psychedelia, fusion and americana, all to the thud of soul music and 5Sided Cube. A very new band to hit Adelaide's streets! We cant wait to watch them .