Australian pianistic stars perform at PianoLab Festival at Light's The Lab | 17- 20 November


The piano is an instrument of illusion. In the right hands, it becomes a singer or an orchestra, tells us stories and conveys us through space and time.

Many of Australia's most renowned pianists including Konstantin Shamray, Paavali Jumppanen, Paul Grabowsky, Lucinda Collins, Stephen McIntyre, Mark Ferguson, Dan Thorpe, Stephen Whittington and Anna Goldsworthy will perform at a new Festival in Adelaide entitled PianoLab.

In the intimate setting of The Lab, Light Square Adelaide over four days from 17 – 20 November these pianistic stars will join emerging artists for a series of 15 immersive recitals covering the genres of classical, jazz and contemporary music. The Festival is a co-production between Recitals Australia, Light Cultural Foundation, the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, and the Elder Conservatorium.

Tickets for PianoLab are on sale now

PianoLab’s curator Anna Goldsworthy (pictured) said, ‘PianoLab is a celebration of the amazing instrument that is the piano, and the magnificent masters of its practice. The Festival shows the nineteenth-century technology of the concert grand piano meeting twenty-first-century digital technology in an innovative mash-up of arts disciplines.

‘The concerts will feature the full range of piano genres all set in an intimate salon style venue combined with cutting-edge immersive visual art, delivered through the light wall at The Lab Adl. Each concert’s visual art will be curated by the artist, especially for their performance.’

Mark de Raad, President of Recitals Australia said, ‘PianoLab also has a focus on outreach, including emerging artist concerts, public master-classes for amateurs and interesting lecture recitals. The Festival brings the riches of the piano out of the concert hall and to the community.’

PianoLab ticket packages include whole of Festival passes, day passes, genre passes, and attendance can be supplemented with food at Aurora, Light's award-winning restaurant within the same venue as PianoLab. Single concert tickets start from $10, and lectures from $15.

Supported by the Australian Government RISE Fund and Thyne Reid Foundation.
Full program details and tickets can be found here