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LIGHT is a revolutionary social enterprise and registered charity with a vision to provide a home for accessible excellence and innovation in creative expression, the arts, entertainment, hospitality and related technologies. LIGHT began with a significant injection of philanthropic capital from its founders, Nick and Sophie Dunstone, and aims to be self-sustainable in perpetuity through revenue generated from its complimentary businesses in the building including the bars, restaurant, hosting corporate events and virtual production.COVID and digital disruption have provided both the need and opportunity for this project and its goal to create meaningful new employment and provide training pathways for creatives to embrace the future of arts and entertainment.

Quote from Co-Founder, Nick Dunstone: 
Sophie and I think the best way of contributing to the world is to do something we are both passionate about, but that also one that is audacious, and aims to be self-sustaining and creative – and as we know achieving perpetual self-sustainability is extremely challenging in the Arts.

LIGHT is a canvas for creativity and togetherness. We want to advance human connection by harnessing future technology to create infinite possibilities. Together, we can channel the magic of human chemistry for the digital world and transform artistic expression into breathtaking experiences.’ On its pathway to self-sustainability, LIGHT now needs the support of the Australian community to continue to provide this unique creative canvas to artists and tech creatives through tax-deductible donations to Light Cultural Foundation. Please click the link below to enquire about providing a tax-deductible donation to Light Cultural Foundation or arrange to speak with Light’s Founder.

Speech by Founders Nick and Sophie Dunstone

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